Meet MOLI.

MOLI is the key to your manufacturing competitive advantage.

Your market is hotly contested by global competition, innovative technologies and procurement organizations that want to price shop every quote.

The only way to win more of your fair share is to manufacture better than your competition.

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Screenshot of MOLI Sys displayed on an ELO 1502 Touchscreen Monitor

Meet Compliance

With Electronic Work Instructions

Screenshot of MOLI Electronic Work Instructions on an ELO 4201L Touchscreen

Both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 introduce new, and strengthen existing requirements for Competance, Awareness, and Communication.

MOLI's Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) module helps employees acquire and prove competence, while raising awareness of your Quality System.

And lets you break free of paper work instructions.

Reduce Mistakes

Collect job data at the source — instead of laborious manual data entry after-the-fact.

Minimize Training Cost

Customizable templates reduce the time-cost of a new system.

Maintain Appropriate Records

Easily track the status of required training, with full auditing capabilities.

Improve Quality

Alerts system allows for realtime notification of quality issues and flagged jobs.

Meet Performance and Quality

With an MRP built for Small Business

You can't sacrifice production speed or quality, for price — or your competitor will put you out of business.

MOLI's Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module helps you to track every aspect of your business — so you can make informed decisions.

Because running your business shouldn't get in the way of growing your business.

Reduce Excess Inventory

Through proper planning and execution, driven by real data about your business.

Increase Line Speeds

By ensuring that everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Business owner explaining a concept to a line worker using a tablet computer.

Meet Customer Expectations

Your customers want to know where their order is.

By increasing visibility into production, you'll have increased confidence.

MOLI's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is production-aware, and makes it easy to know everything about an order, in realtime.

From anywhere.

Keep detailed notes
of all interactions you have with your customers

Full Integration with other MOLI modules
so you don't have to use multiple pieces of software at once

Customer self-service web portal
reduces the burden on your customer service staff by letting customers deal with minor issues themselves

Screenshot of MOLI CRM Module on a Laptop in an airport terminal

Extra Features

Modular Architecture

Individual features can be turned on and off — reducing clutter, saving money, and allowing you to "grow into" a complete system when you're ready.

No Lock-In

One of the risks associated with a new system is losing control of what's yours. We make it easy to get your data in, and out at any time.

Bulletproof Security

Encryption, internal audits, and in-house expertise surrounding intrusion detection and attack mitigation work to ensure the safety of all business data.

Audit Log

Trust, but verify. The details of every action are securely logged in a central location — ensuring accountability and traceability every step of the way.

Always On, Always Reliable

With no IT CapEx, cloud-hosting is cost-effective. But it can also be more reliable, because you can take advantage of multi-location clusters and failovers.

Batteries Included

Partnerships with Elo Touch Solutions, Wasp Barcode Technologies, Intel, redPIPE, and Fujitsu ScanSnap give you the convenience of a complete solution from one vendor.

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