Meet MOLI.

MOLI helps manufacturers:

  • Meet Competence & Training requirements of ISO 9001 and 13485
  • Create a record of required training that meets full auditing requirements
  • Notify the entire shop floor of quality issues in real-time
  • Cut operator training time and eliminate secondary manual data entry

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Screenshot of MOLI Sys displayed on an ELO 1502 Touchscreen Monitor

Meet Compliance

With Electronic Work Instructions

Screenshot of MOLI Electronic Work Instructions on an ELO 4201L Touchscreen

Both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 introduce new, and strengthen existing requirements for Competance, Awareness, and Communication.

MOLI's Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) module helps employees acquire and prove competence, while raising awareness of your Quality System.

And lets you break free of paper work instructions.

Reduce Training Costs

Put the latest revision of each Job's instructions at your operators' fingertips.

Reduce Mistakes

Collect job data at the source — instead of laborious manual data entry after-the-fact.

Maintain Appropriate Records

Easily track the status of required training and assessments, with full auditing capabilities.

Improve Communication

Notify your entire shop floor, in real-time, ensuring that quality issues are addressed as quickly as possible.

What Else?

Go Beyond Compliance

Plays Well With Others

With off-the-shelf integrations available with many popular ERP / MRP and process control systems, MOLI enhances and solidifies your investment in the right tools.

Bulletproof Security

Encryption, internal audits, and in-house expertise surrounding intrusion detection and attack mitigation ensure the safety of all proprietary information.

Always On, Always Reliable

MOLI's secure cloud infrastructure ensures a cost-effective, highly-available solution — with no IT CapEx.

Audit Log

Trust, but verify. The details of every action are securely logged in a central location — ensuring accountability and traceability every step of the way.

Batteries Included

Partnerships with Elo Touch Solutions, Wasp Barcode Technologies, Intel, redPIPE, and Fujitsu ScanSnap give you the convenience of a complete solution from one vendor.

But Wait, There's More

Additional features can be added with the flip of a switch — allowing you to grow into a more complete system when you're ready for more MOLI.

90 Day Pilot Program

Put MOLI to Work in Your Factory

MOLI Screenshot

Your Pilot Includes:

  • Full license for 1 Work Center Kiosk
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Complete Kiosk hardware, including
  • Setup of instructions templates
  • 1-on-1 training with your designated Instructions Authors
  • Full access to all customer support and training resources
  • Integration with existing ERP / MRP investment through our Engineering Partnership program

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Let's get together to discuss potential business return & feasibility — and whether or not MOLI's a good fit.